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Advice with Nedjetti

updated > 1.10.09

Hello Nedjetti,

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you. Years ago, back in 1998, your salon was wonderful in helping me on my natural journey.

Before I got locs and the information was scarce, someone from your salon was gracious enough to send me the book of photos of your work. I fell in love with natural styles. I never had a chance to thank you until now because I am on my loc journey once again.

Blessings to you in the new year!

Warmest wishes

Awhhh, thank you KatriceÖ I'm so happy to have been part of your coming back home to your roots movement, you're more than welcome, it's my pleasure.

Nedjetti, I just came across your website and it's wonderful! I am looking to make the transition (once again) back to my natural state. I am due for a relaxer very soon and I am exploring hair braiding while I transition. The only drawback is my hairline & crown are very fragile and previous hair braiding was too tight which resulted in extreme hair loss. Do you personally braid or have any suggestions/referrals?

Hello Rhonda,

That's wonderful you're coming back home to your roots, congratulations !!!

Since your edges are fragile, I would suggest you go to my good friend Fatisha in Maplewood for 4-6 months and get straw sets as this style isn't harsh on the hair. After 6 months, come to me and I will cut your relaxer off to your natural length, remember avg our hair grows 1/4 inch per month. It will be short and sassy and most of all HEALTHIER. The quicker you remove the damaging chemical portion, the faster your own hair will flourish, a revelation indeed!! Based on your texture, I will inform you on your hairstyle options and the excitement will begin.



I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help! You are truly a life saver. As my last relaxer was October 20, 2008, I am truly starting from scratch. I will keep you posted on my progress and I will be contacting Fatisha next week to schedule an appointment and start my transition! I will contact you periodically through email, but will contact you in about 4-6 months!

By the way, your salon etiquette is truly impressive and absolutely in alignment with my spirit and lifestyle. Thank you, my sister, for providing such a rare and much needed environment to women! It is certainly a pleasure to see someone thriving in their purpose and I have already forwarded your information to other women I know that are serious about getting their lives back to the natural state we were meant to appreciate and love.

Thanks again!

Stay blessed, Rhonda

Hello, My name is Diana.

I am a 33 yr RN living in SC. I hope you have time to help me. I read about you in the Naturally You Magazine and I enjoyed what I read. I have successfully transitioned from a relaxer into a beautiful head of natural hair, I now what locs.

My hair consist of 2 different textures. I have loose curls at the crown of my head and tight curls at the base of my head. The top always unravels. I had coils put into my hair, but my hairdresser stated that she had to use a tremendous amount of brown gel, so the coils wouldn't unravel.

I hated that experience because it was very nasty. Can you recommend something for me? I know you would probably need to see me but I know you are familiar with many hair textures. Maybe you can offer me a little bit of assistance. Oh yeah, my length is 6 inches all over and my hair is very fluffy.

I just want to thank you in advance for your time,

Hello Diana,

I'm glad you enjoyed my article in Naturally You Magazine.

The black gel is so disgusting for natural hairstyling/locs, beyond words. You should use a clear gel containing no alcohol. The gel should be applied while the hair is wet and twisted accordingly. With your type of texture, a small amount of hair should be used, not big chunks. But as time goes on, the stylist must know the right amount of hair to take based on your hair texture, to develop the 'proper' and 'satisfied' loc size.

I hope things work out and I wish you the best....



I found your site while I was Googling natural-hair care; itís the best one Iíve found in the 10 years since I stopped straightening my hair.

Iíve had my locs for almost eight years; and like you, as I read on your site, before that I didnít fully appreciate my natural hair because I didnít know much to do with it besides twists and a big afro. Now Iíve gotten to the point where I dread (almost literally) the prospect of separating and twisting my locs after washing it. Iím considering cutting it (I cut about nine inches of it off in March 05), wearing a short natural and exploring the styling options.

But in the meantime, Iím not sure what to do with it. I like the way it looks when I don't twist it -- BIG; but that means trouble when I want to twist it nice so I can braid it wet Ė the pulling and tearing to separate the hair.

Any words of advice until I take the step to cut it off? And, separately, do you cut locs at your shop? I live in Newark and am trying to find someone to care for my hair, regardless.



Hey Trina

Thank you for your lovely compliment on my website... :-) ...I'm Blessed that my sweety Bre' of 10 years designed my website...her site is mirekustudios.com

...let's speak via phone and I'll give you a phone consultation... what's your day and nite contact number/s and YES, I do cut locs, I'm not against it... we'll speak soon...and you're quite welcome

peace nluv...


Hi Nedjetti,

I'm writing to you from Vancouver, BC Canada. Gosh, I sure wish I lived closer to New Jersey. I'd be calling to book an appointment with you FOR SURE. I just wanted to let you know that the styles on your pages gave me the courage to go in for the BIG CHOP tomorrow. I'm cutting off all of the relaxer.

Thanks so much for a wonderful site and for the beautiful hair creations. They are very inspiring.



I realize your email has nothing to do with 'advice', but I was moved by it and just had to put it up.

peace n luv


Hi Nedjetti,

Here an email from the Netherlands!

I have a question for you and I hope very much that you will answer it. I was at your website, and looked in the hairmagazine NHS 1, image no. 2, I like this hairstyle a lot! (*note* click my 'hair gallery' to view photo)

Will you explain me what kind of hair I need and how to do it? I have a friend who's very good in braids. I think if I explain to her how to do it, she can do it for me. Will you do this for me, please?

Hello Peggy-Ann

The hairstyle you think are braids are actually LOCS, real locs, I started Amirah's hair 6 years ago with an inch of own natural hair and maintained it to the length you see in the hairmagazines section via my website.

While Amirah's hair was wet and after re-twisting the new growth, I braided 3 locs together into individual braids to achieve the crinkle look. The longer you keep them in the braids, the longer the crinkles will last, but they shouldn't be kept in past 2 weeks. Locs need to naturally expand and breathe.

Thank you for your email, sorry to disappoint you. I hope you will be able to find the right braiding style for you.


Hello Nedjetti,

I was literally (made the appointment for tomorrow, 8.22.04) about to get extensions put in my hair by a Liberian women. I came across your website and read your articles on extensions.

I've cancelled my appointment for tomorrow and I was wondering are loc extensions any different? I Thank You so much for all the information you've given us and for your dedication to educate African american women about "our" hair.

With Love sis,

Hello Soukeyna,

First of all, your name is AMAZING, what does it mean?

Second, oh how tears of joy came to my heart because my message is really being absorbed by those who seek the truth about the harmful effects of hair extensions !!! See, I wouldn't mind hair extensions if it were good for us, but in the end, it really isn't. The hair truly eats at our hair, but unfortunately many women still partake in it.

"I was wondering are loc extensions any different?" I put loc extensions in the same category with my philosophy of extensions that are used for braids/cornrows, but on a grander level. I believe locs should be explored by the person using their OWN hair to loc oppose to adding hair. The appreciation of one's locs becomes embedded within the psyche and the journey of watching one's locs go through its many cycles is the icing on the cake. In my opinion, a person doesn't truly receive the internal joy of self-accomplishment by taking the easy way out by adding loc extensions. The loc extension process is like oil and water, the two doesn't mix.

I do believe if a person has a medical/genetic problem with their hair where they've lost it, I don't have a problem with taking the route of a loc wig or any form of wig to take the place of their missing hair. Other than a medical/genetic situation, I believe it's best to become a home owner loc wearer oppose to a rentee, it's nothing like saying "Because of patience and dedication, these locs are all mine!!"

Peace n luv...Nedjetti


Hi. I was just at your website and it is wonderful. Your locs are so beautiful. The reason for this e-mail is that I have to tell someone. I am so ashamed.

I have not put any chemicals in my hair for 1 to 1-1/2 years now. I can pull my hair into a ponytail that is about 4 to 5 inches long -- which is good. I had been wearing braids for most of that time until I realized that my hair is thinning in the front -- which, of course, is bad.

When I took my braids out for the last time, I didn't know what to do with my hair, so I pulled it back and wore wraps and scarves for about a month. Then I bought a wig. I thought it was an okay thing to do at the time, so I didn't stress about it much. Recently I did what I had been wanting to do for over a year. . . I got starter locs. Since my hair is so long, it was palm rolled. I don't know what product the loctician used, but it didn't hardened my hair as I expected it would.

Here is what I am ashamed of: my locs--that I have tossed and turned about, debated over and struggled with for over a year--are being hidden under a wig. My boss said that she wouldn't mind if I got locs, but I know there will be people in the office who are going to react negatively when they see my locs. I thought I had gotten over this problem and would be able to take the criticism. Obviously I was mistaken.

I have been considering going back to scarves so my baby locs don't look so weird. My locs are not twisted as tightly as I had hoped they would be. My boss says that it looks like locs hanging off of a short afro. My aunt says that it looks like I just decided not to comb my hair.

I guess I will try to use scarves (around my head, not covering my locs) to help me to stop relying on that wig. That may be a softer, less shocking look than "sudden" locs. I have not considered washing my hair and destroying my locs. I have no plans to put any more chemicals in my hair to straighten it. My hair has "told" me for years that it did not want that. Doing that again is not an option.

I am sorry for this long rant, but I am sooo disappointed in myself that I could literally cry. If you have any suggestions on what might look more attractive than naked baby locs, I would appreciate it. I guess I need to get to the point where *I* like the way I look before I can be okay if no one else does.

Thanks for listening,

Hello Etta,

Honestly when I first begin reading your letter, I was in shock, but later as I continued reading, I realize that your visualization (on how you view yourself in your organic essence) has to catch up with your internal readiness to loc your crown...

First thing... don't be shame.. understand you are in a position of transitional growth and one part of you (the outer) must play catch up to the inner part of you...it's that simple...

The first step in overcoming your situation is to take it one step at a time...you were right about wrapping your crown with some material and allowing the rest of your locs revel in the air...then when you're completely ready, you'll take it off. Only time will tell when it will happen and we all grow at our own speed....

Second, be aware that other people's opinion shouldn't be a concern of yours and you're using that need to have others validate you as an escape or a cushion...in psychology it's called projection...blaming others for your obstacles instead of looking within. Soon enough, you won't be concerned of what others think due to you implementing self-validation in all areas of your life (not just your locs). You will be guided by God's influence and you'll have realized tht by giving power up to others, was a terrible set-up for disappointment, especially if that individual doesn't have your best interest at heart...

Last, when you do reveal your crown... people are going to be drawn to your locs based on how you feel about them... if you like them, others will too...my point is, by that time you'll love them beyond words and you must become cautious of others touching them..

You DON'T want just anyone's energy in your crown....locs soaks it up like antennas and you will find collecting other individuals energy in your crown can tear down your spirit based on any purposeful negative connotation. That's why conscientious individuals wrap their locs in the first place, to protect themselves.

Don't beat yourself up, ride the tide and ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY...it's a beautiful sail...
Peace n luv...Nedjetti

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