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We have recently adopted a beautiful full African-American daughter, and I could use your help! I read from several black hair care magazines and any books I can find. I'm unsure how to start the locs on our little toddler. At this time I keep her hair well conditioned with the most natural products that I know, if you know of more... At this time I twist small pieces and they appear to be little knots or we brush and pick . I would LOVE any assistance i love the natural locks, but am not sure how to start? Thank you for your time. Thank you from a desperate Swedish mother. :)

Faith B.

Hello Faith,

     Thanks for seeking my professional help. First, How old is your toddler? Second I believe children should receive locs when they are old enough to understand the powerful message behind the journey. I understand you are Swedish so are you familiar with combing African texture hair?
    Get a spray bottle of water, comb (large tooth comb) and dampen the hair. Always grab the hair from the base holding the hair and begin raking in quick motion combing from the ends towards the root. This method will prevent crown abuse to your childs' hair and unnecessary hair loss. Buy oils from the health food store with vitamin E, olive, rosemary, rosewood, etc. that is nourishing for the sclap and hair.
    When putting barrettes or braids, never put them in too tight. And never put EXTENSIONS in her hair as it will ruin her view of loving the hair God gave her.
     Why are you locing her hair in the first place? What are your reasons? Even when a person locs their hair, remember, maintenance is necessary.
    I wish you the best and please NEVER put a relaxer in your daughter's hair. Let her embrace her African roots with LOVE.

Light, Peace n' Luv....

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