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Hair by Nedjetti Salon


Hair Me OutŪ Naturalitas get 'privately' pamepered at Hair by Nedjetti Natural Hair & Locs 5 star rated Salon in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

Celebrating 30+ years in business Hair by Nedjetti LLC Natural Hair & Locs Salon has reopened Oct. 1, 2022, Praise God!

Proudly, Nedjetti has never stood up anyone of her Naturalistas clients, her 5 star Reviews speaks highly of Nedjetti's integrity and passion. As a child her wise Mommy who also taught her to braid and cornrow at age 7 emphasized "To treat others how you'd want to be treated", Nedjetti concurs.

Private Parking (24 hrs Security)

  • 18+ yrs Naturalista Women only BOOK online via StyleSeat.com/NedjettiHarvey with Cosmetologist Nedjetti Harvey Natural Hair & Locs Salon in Bloomfield, New Jersey.
  • Via Style Seat you're able to view Hair by Nedjetti LLC Natural Hairstyles & Locs images created by Nedjetti, Bio, Hair Appt. Schedule, Price List, Natural Hair and Locs Styles Gallery and Natural Hair Styles descriptions.
  • Your 'private' Hairapy Oasis sessions with Nedjetti takes place at an one-on-one low contact suite environment in Bloomfield, New Jersey.
  • Crowd FREE interaction, Nedjetti styles one (1) Naturalista per day.
  • Naturalista, once you've book your hair appointment online, expect to receive a Virtual Consultation call before your scheduled hair appointment with Nedjetti to discuss your Natural Hair & Locs Haircare and styling goals.
  • Room temperature or cold bottled water will be offered during your visit.
  • Ambient music is played or silence if preferred.
  • Nedjetti feeds your mind, body & soul!
  • A Virtual Consultation between us allows Nedjetti to visibily view your hair as I share my 30+ years professional Natual Hair Care feedback POV on the option/s of obtaining your desired Coily and Curly hair goals.
  • During your Virtual Consultation, Nedjetti will give you a quote for your Natual Hair and Locs service that includes shampoo and conditioner.

Hair by Nedjetti Natural Hair & Locs Salon COVID protocol

    For our health and safety, Hair by Nedjetti Natural Hair & Locs Salon Covid protocol is in effect indefinitely!

  • A KN95 mask MUST be worn upon entering my Salon premises.
  • (Vacinated and Non Vacinated) ALL parties including myself MUST wear a KN95 mask (NOT Blue & White mask) during our complete Hairapy Oasis session.
  • Hand washing & sanitizer will be given to each Naturalista upon your Salon entry.
  • Naturalistas, Nedjetti looks forward to 'privately' pampering YOU inside out, it's a 'private' Hairapy Oasis for the Queen you are!


Nedjetti Harvey

Hair by Nedjetti LLC
Bloomfield, New Jersey
Salon cell ~ 973 866 7953

May 2023

Hair by Nedjetti Natural Hair & Locs Salon
Naturalista client 'Hairapy Oasis' review via email

Hi Nedjetti,

Hope all is well. My name is Ebony, I am a young lady who made an appointment with you, back in I believe November 2019. My reason for booking the appointment was I wanted my natural hair trimmed.

At the end of the appointment I remember feeling so good. I remember telling you I felt like a woman/grown and that I hadn't ever felt that way regarding my hair. At the time, I was 37 years old.

I went online soon after having my hair cared for by you, so I could leave a review about your services. I typed what felt like an extremely long review and once I was done it somehow did not save/submit. I remember feeling so disappointed, as I explained what a great experience I had received from you and just knew it was perfectly worded so that others would be able to visualize what I had described.

I'm going to give it a go again, now...

I was 37 years old, raising a teenage son, and building a career as a Behavioral Health Service Provider (working with children with Special Needs).

I made an appointment with you, to have my hair washed, conditioned, and trimmed. Shortly after I arrived and you welcomed me to wash my hands, I was offered water and fresh fruit.

Your simple gesture of kindness, had such a grand impact.That was a courtesy that meant so much to me. It was a sign that I needed to nourish myself and the child within me, as I was also pregnant and unsure how I felt about this - due to being in a toxic marriage.

We then, proceeded to the wash area and you extended the courtesy of allowing me to choose how my hair was washed (I believe you gave me the option of water temperature as well as the amount of pressure you used with your fingertips, on my scalp). That was the most relaxing hair wash I had ever had. I held back tears as I felt so free and at peace. You have no idea how much hope you gave me in that moment. I felt as if I could be fine, life could be fine.

We proceeded to the styling seat and I do not recall how our conversation shifted to business but you took time to motivate me and encourage me. You walked me through setting up a Business Domain for myself.

At the end of my appointment which by then, felt more like a visit as it was life altering, honestly. I believe as a genuinely kind person and as a savvy business person, your intention was provide an one of a kind experience. That is exactly what I experienced, and more. Soon after, you escorted me to my car.

I left work with a client in Newark, NJ to go to a haircare appointment with you. I had a world of burden on my shoulders and such intense feelings of being unsure.

I left a visit with you to drive home to Nyack, NY and I felt mentally and spiritually renewed. I not only left your salon with beautifully defined curls (I remember telling you I didn't even know my hair could curl that way and that my curls had always been frizzy) that were perfectly trimmed and hydrated - but I also left with 1. A reminder of what peace is, looks like, feels like, and sounds like and 2. A sense of accomplishment, business-wise.

Fast forward...

I decided to face facts. That marriage I was in, needed to come to an end. And so it did. Unfortunately, no longer being married was not the end of the toxicity. And so I did the best and the smartest thing I could have done (which I had not ever done in 10 years) - I decided to walk away. And so, I literally in a short matter of time, prepared my exit.

In conclusion, I was able to break free. I moved across the Continent. In my new-found life journey, I am able to finally have the peace I need to focus on studying for the Certification Exam (so I can finally open my business, get it started, and have it thriving). My son is growing into a fine young man and my daughter is a blessing.

I have also been able to connect and reconnect healthy bridges with others.

My thought is you dedicate yourself, time, and services to promote Self Love as well as to promote being kind to self and others.

Thank you in advance, for taking time to read what started as a review but actually is a testimony.

I will always appreciate the experience!



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