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FAQ with Nedjetti...

Q. You have adapted the title of 'Hair Artist'. Can you explain the concept of a hair artist?

A. A hair artist is a person who doesn't limit themselves and within their craft, one who has a speciality. For me, as a licensed cosmetologist, since I was born with natural coily hair, it only makes sense I mastered my versatile curly tresses. I also LOVE cutting hair, it's exhilerating to me!! As you can see from my hair galley, I style ALL hair textures, I'm a hair artist that doesn't like to be pigeon hole, I embrace diversity.

I create from a spiritual foundation and I feel all artists expresses their creativity from an individual cosmic vision.

My favorite quote from Dr. John Henrik Clarke is "An artist is suppose to use his/her own art to change the society of which they live".

Q. Many refer to the locing of hair as dreadlocs. You insightfully renamed them Earthlocs? What are they and why do you refer to them as Earthlocs?

A. Earthlocs are the original hairstyle of mankind . The pyramid walls in Egypt will show you the evidence. Before any type of tools were invented (combs, brushes, etc..) our hair loc-ed naturally. I feel it would be a disservice to the legacy of our heritage as Africans not to acknowledge locs as the original hairstyle of mankind because of that fact. Also, I believe physical life begins and is formed from the earth, therefore I paying tribute to the essence of living by calling a crown 'Earthlocs'.

Q. Can you explain the stages of growing Earthlocs?

A. The first term is the baby stage (0-6 mos). It's a rebirth and our locs goes through a revitalizing process. African coil twists begins this process. It then graduates to the teenage stage (6mos-3yrs) and the whole look changes where the locs start budding like a flower. Then it graduates to the adult stage (4yrs-10yrs), a mature stage where they have become more defined and condensed. The last stage is the elder stage (10yrs & up), which as you know our elders in life have experienced many stories. Locs are the only form of style that will literally grow to the ground. Why do you think people gravitate to touching them? They're compelling, magnetic and spiritually powerful!!

Q. What can we expect from Nedjetti in the near future?

My first natural hairstyling no extensions 2 hours tutorial dvd vol 1 is available for purchase. Go to Natural Hairstyling DVD to purchase your very own tutorial dvd showcasing from beginning to end how to create beautiful styles such double-strands, comb-coils to the lovely afro twist out and how to properly comb natural hair all extension free, a more healthier approace to styling your natural tresses.

My vision is to create a tutorial dvd series illustrating the versatility in natural hairstyles for children and adults using hair techniques such as cornrows, braids, combination hair styles, loc grooming and styling (baby/adult locs) all EXTENSION FREE. It's a must have dvd series that should be in all homes for all gender and ages!!!

I also have an online apparel and accessories store with the celebratory logo "Hair Me Out, I luv being au naturale" on women, men and children shirts, bags, mugs, hoodies, caps, clocks, calendars (featuring 12 of nedjetti's hairstyles), bibs, and much more...

Go to CafePress.com/Nedjetti to make your purchase and it makes a great gift!

Look out for natural haircare book, coming soon!! Sign up for my newsletters at Natural Hairstyling DVD

by Jewel Killikelly
Edited by Nedjetti

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