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    Recommendations for nurturing your natural hairstyles, locs and mind:

    Note: depending on length and texture of hair, the hairstyles can last up to a month. With short hair and looser curl pattern, styles will last up to 2 weeks.

    Do - Read "Hair Story Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America" by Ayana D. Byrd & Lori L. Tharps...

    Do - In creating hairstyles, use clear gel (no alcohol in the ingredients), a spray bottle with warm water and a wide tooth comb.

    Do - Before styling, comb and style your hair while damp, preferably with conditioner in it, wet hair is more managable & less hair loss occurs.

    Do - Sleep with a rayon or silk scarf every night, especially when exercising or showering. It keeps your hair in place during strenuous activities. Please NO BANDANAS - cotton attracts lint particles to your hair and removes its natural oils.

    Do - After receiving your hairstyle, cleanse your scalp once a week using witch hazel in spray bottle. Use a cotton cloth and gently rub the witch hazel only on your scalp. Then moisturize your hair and scalp with a product containing natural ingredients. Especially if you exercise, use this cleansing method once a week. After each shampoo give your hair a 15- 30 mins steam treatment with a plastic cap.

    Do - Request a trim once every 2-3 months or as needed from your natural hair care specialist.

    Do - Keep a POSITIVE attitude about life and develop and healthy food regimen. Stress will only interrupt the process of developing a HEALTHY head of locs and natural hair (remember, avg. hair grows 1/4 per month) .

    Do-- Moisturize your hair as needed. Depending on your hair type some hair texture requires more moisture than others. Some need daily moisture, others need once every 3-4 days. Be sure to use products with natural ingredients such as vitamin E, rosemary, coconut, rosewood, almond, olive, lemon grass.

    Do- Develop and practice PATIENCE because growing your natural hair will help you expedite a peaceful approach during your enlightening journey in Life.


    Don't- wash your hair using water after receiving your natural hairstyle. Water will lift the hair, returning it back to the original natural state (afro). After the 4 weeks period, your stylist should wash your hair with water, giving you a deep conditioning and new hairstyle.

    Don't - wear your hairstyle beyond a month, your hair may take on the budding phase to locing.

    Don't-apply beeswax or black gel to your hair. Beeswax clogs the pores scalp causing a build-up of a white-cakey residue. It can't be removed during a wash. It also adds weight to your hair, stripping its natural sheen and forms dullness to your hair. Black gel break off your hair, makes it brittle and flakes will accumulate on your clothes and bedding. It's the worst gel to use!!!!

    Don't- play in your locs i.e.: Constant twisting the locs in a circular motion. It causes breakage at the base of your follicules and as a result, it develops into an irreversible thinning size of your locs.

    Don't- place any hair adornments in the Baby or Infancy stage of locs.

    Don't- become impatient, with the growth of your locs or natural hair to blossom. The seed has been planted and the length and rebirth of your hair will mature at its own natural pace.

    God is Light, Peace and Luv…Nedjetti

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