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Advice with Nedjetti

Greetings, Nedjetti!

I recently read the August/September 2001 edition of Black Beauty & Hair UK, saw the article on NHOP and have just finished checking out your website...too cool for school!

I especially enjoyed "Be Gentle with yourself", as so much of it related to my own story. One section that particularly rang true was the braiding and subsequent vanishing hairline section; before going totally natural (close to 2 years now), I braided my hair for about 2 years...it was better for my hair, but not my hairline!

To say it's been ruined is an understatement and it still reduces me to tears. I have been using Organic Root Stimulator's Hair Serum on the affected areas since I went natural but my hairline still is not, and will probably never be, what it was!

African Coil Twists are truly ranking! Sadly, I don't quite earn enough that I can fly you over here! Another sad thing is that there don't seem to be too many salons in London that do the "natural" look; would you happen to know if there is a salon in London that could replicate the African Coil Twists?

Until our paths cross again, in whatever fashion, I wish you peace and Tranquillity

Peace & Divine Blessings, Nedjetti!

With regards

Kaie A. Cozier England, London


First, I thank you so much for writing and appreciating my philosophy on natural hair. I'm basically in tears because I didn't know the magazine is out and you're the first to respond from it...

I'm truly glad Ms. Shelly put the article in because many African-americans need to be informed about the truth in relation to extension-braiding and using perms/relaxers (there's nothing relaxing about burning your scalp physically and physiologically) .

Unfortunately, I don't know of any salons in London, nor have I been there, but I'm sure my work with take me there soon... (smiling)

I suggest you to pray on it and I'm sure God will guide you to the proper person... I wish you the best in your search..

thanks for the luv....peace n luv.. Nedjetti

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