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Advice with Nedjetti

Dear Nedjetti,

    I just read your article in "Be Gentle with Yourself". I am very much wanting to move to a natural hairstyle, but do not want to cut my hair in order to do it. My hair stylist says the only way to make the transition is to cut my shoulder length style down to one inch. Is there anyway or anyone that can work with hair in the in between stages without doing great damage. I'm looking for a healthy transition from processed to natural without chopping off what has taken me so many years to grow . . .

Any help or advice would truly be appreciated.


Dear Anita,

     Thanks for responding...First, your stylist is correct about cutting off your relaxed hair in order to go natural. There are no short cuts during this transitional process to becoming natural. Either you're ready or not. When you say "you're looking for a healthy transition from relaxed to natural".. what are you implying? The only healthy way is to make the conscious choice of ridding yourself of the relaxed hair and embracing your God-given texture...Take your time it is a process of learning to love yourself all over again...I was there also and one day you will look back and smile at your progress as you will realize that 'true' beauty is loving yourself in its natural essence...There's nothing like it...
I hope I was of help.. keep me posted on your progress...

Light, Peace n Luv....

Hi Nedjetti,

     I'm located in Brooklyn, do u have a salon there? I have locs which I started myself around Dec 1999. I don't style it too often because I just don't know how to. Maybe I can come in to see u. I want locs similar to Lauryn Hill…if possible :) I don't like the neatness too much. When I say that I mean I don't like it twisted down to the roots. I kind of like some new growth showing, but neatly. Just like Lauryn she doesn't always have it twisted to the roots and it's still beautiful.


     No, I do not have other salons, aside from my home-based business.
     As far as locs are concerned, my trademark is the detailed effort I place in maintaining earthlocs and creating natural hairstyles. The precision in my work is a reflection of me being aware that if you take care of anything right from the beginning, as a result, life becomes easier down the road. All things in life needs maintenance. Although there's nothing wrong with seeing the new growth in locs, as a hair artist, I prefer producing neat work.

Light, Peace n' Luv....


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