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Advice with Nedjetti


I just discovered your site. I thought it was great and very inspirational, especially for people like myself who are in the awkward stage of going natural. I have been natural (not relaxeded my hair)since last December. I was not prepared to "go all the way", so I kept my relaxed ends, with new growth, by just really experimenting and doing different things with my hair. I recently cut off the straight ends myself because I am ready to go completely natural. I love the advice about hair care that you gave, but I have more questions!!:)

1) What shampoos are best? 2) How many times should I really wash my hair?

Thank you very much for your wonderfully informative site and your anticipated timely reply.

Yetunde Daniels


1. You can refer to crown care

2. Shampooing the hair once every 2 weeks is fine. Because our hair isn't overly oily, it's not necessary to wash it daily. Daily washing actually strips the moisture from the crown. Always condition the hair after every wash, preferably sitting under a dryer for 15 mins. Use cholestoral on a daily basis for moisture.


Hey Nedjetti, great site!!

    I emailed you a while back about how to twist and you gave me great instructions. I just began twisting last month and noticed that all the work I did in tightening my hair was destroyed after my first wash. I wash every week so does this mean that I should twist every week instead of every month? I know that twisting can lead to the thinning of locs, but how do I keep them tight if I wash every week without twisting?

Thanks, Nwadiogo

Hello Nwadiogo,

It's best to wash your hair once a month because your goal is to train your hair to loc and washing the hair weekly defeats that purpose. During the month you can cleanse your scalp using witch hazel using a cloth applying to the scalp only. You must replenish the removal of moisture to your hair by oiling it afterwards. Remember, over twisting leads to thinning of locs and twisting should be done only once a month. Enjoy, your journey and thanks for embracing my philosophy...

peace n luv....Nedjetti

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