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Advice with Nedjetti


I have recently visited you website because I am very interested in going natural with my currently relaxed hair. I am almost due for my next touch up, but I would like to skip that and begin the process of going natural.

My question is: How do I begin? Do I need to cut my hair? What maintenance do I have to do while making the transition?

I am really unsure of what to do, but I have decided that this is what I want to do. I have been a "slave" to long to relaxers and never achieving the results I wanted. I have thick and coarse hair that is right at the nape of my neck. It is very dry and experience breakage quite regularly.

HELP me to free myself and experience how good natural can be.

Thanks, Char


I suggest you find someone who braids (using synthetic or human hair, whatever your preference is) and leave it in for 2 months. Before having it braided you should of course wash and receive a deep conditioning (preferably LeKair -Olive or Aloe formula).

Also read how to go natural for more advice. When two months is up, remove the braids and repeat the process. The goal is to have your hair come into its natural state without losing or damaging your hair. It also relieves you from developing anxiety as you can become anxious with your transition. lol

By 6 months you, should have enough hair (estimation 2 inches or so) to remove the relaxer and possibly get the coil twists.(visit 'hair gallery' for hairstyles).

Even if the length is not enough (depending on your texture) to get coils at that time, at least you'll be naturally free....

Seek a hair naturalist to keep your hair healthy!

Hope all goes well, keep me posted....Nedjetti

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