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Advice with Nedjetti


My hair is all natural at the moment although I keep it in braids most of the time. The reason I braid is because I don't know what to do with my hair and would like to wear my natural hair without braids in a nice style. Have you any ideas for me please?

Also I'm planning to texturize my hair to make it more manageable since it always hurts so much when braiding - will this affect my hair the same way relaxing does? I think it's a mild alternative, but I may be wrong.

Patsy - London

Hello Patsy,

First thing... Please, don't texturize your hair!!! It's the same as putting a chemical relaxer in it, it's not as potent, but it's a chemical, therefore it alters the hair as well...

Try double-strands, taking two pieces of your hair and intertwine small sections throughout your crown. Make sure your hair is slightly damp, use a little gel and sit under the dryer. After a month, unravel them and sport the curly afro look.

Also, you will soon realize that managability in combing your natural hair will come from you learning how to comb and work with your natural texture in its wonderful glory. It's like anything in life, the more you practice, the better you'll become at it...we must break the chain of excuses in relation to dealing with our hair...

And remember...your hair hurts when it's being braided is due to the BRAIDER and not the texture of your hair...

stay natural and powerful...wish you the best..


I am going from relaxer to wanting a more natural style, the double-strand twists. I have about one to one and a half inches of relaxer still on the ends of my hair. Is it advisable to go ahead and cut that off or should I wait for my hair to grow out some more?

Also, because I love length, I've been doing the kinky twists using the "African" hair extensions from a salon in Bklyn. It looks great sort of like the picture of Amirah when she has hers down. I receive many, many compliments but I can't wash my hair while it's in.

What is your opinion on this style and is there anyway to achieve this look that's more "user friendly"?

My opinion about the use of braid extensions can be found by reading an article I've written and published

Be gentle with yourself

If your goal is to go natural then get your hair cut down to its natural length...seek a hair naturalist and start having your "own" hair styled on a regular basis...Eventually it will become the length to begin the double-strand look...

wish you the best...Nedjetti

Thanks so much! I think that's what I'll do. I'm going to look for the NHS magazine here in Washington, DC.

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