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  • getting started
  • location
  • hair techniques offered
  • hair class fees
  • hair class schedule
  • supplies needed
  • class rules
  • hair lessons
  • contact
  •   6/9/03
    ~Call 973.923.4817 to reserve your space or to hire Nedjetti to teach natural hair care seminars nationally and abroad ~

    Nedjetti's Natural Haircare Seminars has finally arrived!!!

    Whether you've been thinking about becoming a natural haircare specialist in the haircare industry or because you have a desire to learn about our phenomenal African hair techniques creating hair art for your personal reasons, now you can embrace and explore your passion by learning from Nedjetti, one of the industry's self-trained natural haircare experts featured in Essence Magazine (nov 03').

    1. Call Nedjetti at 973.923.4817 anytime to reserve your space
    2. Choose a hair technique and time to attend the class.
    3. Once your hair class is scheduled you will recieve a paypal request for the payment of the class.
    Note payment must be paid recieved by the Wednesday before your scheduled class.
    4. Only one hair technique is taught per class
    5. Please read details below

    Ready to learn the most popular natural hairstyles!!!

    Nedjetti, a renowned natural haircare expert, will train you for all hair classes.

    Learn how to comb coil twists, braid, cornrow, double-strand twists and loc maintenance and style.

    Hair Classes will be held on Mondays.

    Anointed Hands Salon @ 307 Hiillside ave, Hillside, NJ 07205 (between Liberty and Franklin).

    should I take a hair course:

  • You can use your natural haircare skills as a career in the hair industry.
  • These wonderful haircare skills will give you the ability to style your children's hair as well as one day teaching them.
  • You will not learn natural haircare skills in cosmetology school.
  • Having the skills to comb and style your own natural tresses is self-empowerment.
  • It's our African heritage, our culture and like education, our responsibility to learn it!!!

    How long are the hair classes
    Each class is 2 1/2 hours long. The loc & style maintenance course is 3 ½ hours. You may take as many classes or learn as many haircare techniques as you prefer.

    How many persons per class: 4 persons maximum. Classes are held in a 4 chairs salon.

    Payment in full must be received on Wednesday to attend your schedule monday class by paypal only

    If you cancel within 24 hours of your Monday schedule session, you will be rescheduled for the next open course, NO REFUNDS. To cancel, you must call me @ 973.923.4817, leave a message if necessary, NO EMAILS

    Age Requirements to take the hair classes: 18 years and older (photo id required).

    both women and men are welcome to participate.

    Anointed Hands Salon

    located @ 307 Hillside Ave, Hillside, NJ 07205
    …….. Driving Directions to the Salon Click here

    Office # 973.923.4817 0R email

  • Hair Class Fees

    Comb Coil Twists $200.00
    Double-strand twists $200.00
    Braids $200.00
    Cornrows $200.00
    Loc & Style maintenance $300.00

    *Payment in full must be received on Wednesday to attend your Monday schedule class by paypal only.

    Hair Class Schedule

    comb coils, braid, double-strand and cornrows  (one technique per class) 8:30-11 am or 12:30-3pm
    loc & style maintenance 4:30-8pm

    Supplies needed for all hair classes

    Items required by you:

  • Must bring a hair model with natural hair (no texurizers or chemicals)
  • spray bottle
  • scissors
  • queen helene pink gel
  • LaKair aloe-vera conditioner (green)
    * all supplies found in your local beauty supply store

    Items supplied by Nedjetti

  • towels
  • shampoo
  • dupont comb
  • metal clips
  • a cape
    * all supplies must be returned after your hair class

    What will you learn from the hair seminar?

    You will learn

  • your chosen technique to create i.e. comb coils, braids, cornrows, double-strand, or loc/style maintenance
  • how to properly comb natural hair
  • the professional etiquette in washing and conditioning natural hair
  • the best products to use
  • all hairstyles will be styled from wet hair unless you choose the option to style from dry hair
  • no blow dryers or hot combs will be used

    What techniques you will learn during your chosen hair seminar?

    Locs & style maintenance

  • model's hair must have 7 inches or more locs for styling versatility (no extensions)
  • how to wash and condition locs
  • how to give a neat twisting of locs maintenance using a comb (no palm rolling)
  • how to style locs in an upsweep, crinkles and curls


  • model's entire hair must have 4 inches or more (no extensions)
  • learn the technique of braiding
  • you will braid from wet hair (if you prefer to braid from dry hair, model's hair can't be washed and must be clean)

    Comb Coils Twists

  • model's entire hair must be 2 inches or more (no extensions)
  • the foundation of creating neat comb coils
  • learn how to give a twist out effect

    Double strand twists

  • model's entire hair must be 4 inches or more (no extensions)
  • the technique of double-strand
  • how to reveal length to the double-strand, to keep the volume, but neatness in the root
  • learn how to give a curly twist out fro


  • model's entire hair must be 4 inches or more (no extensions)
  • learn to cornrow from wet hair (if you prefer to cornrow from dry hair, model's hair can't be washed and hair must be clean)
  • learn how to curl braids

    What is expected of you upon and during your day of class

  • Arrive on time…I will not hold the class up if you're late!
  • Put your cell phones on vibrate. If you decide to talk on the phone, you must do so outside the salon (including your model)
  • You and your model must eat before arriving
  • All models must be 18yrs old or older (any gender)
  • Do Not bring children
  • You may bring beverages

    What you can expect of Nedjetti

  • To be on time.
  • In the very beginning of the course, I will use someone's model and have everyone watch me as I demonstrate the specific schedule technique of the day i.e. braiding, cornrows, comb coil twists, etc.
  • Then once your model is placed in your assigned chair, I will continuously walk around the salon, critiquing and showing each person how to accomplish the hair technique.
  • I will not answer my cell phone, but I may retrieve my messages only for emergency purposes.
  • My business card will be given in case you're interested in taking other hair technique courses.

    Food for thought

       * After you learn the hair technique by me, it is up to YOU to find subjects to practice on, that's exactly what I did (in 1993' when I went natural, I had a friend comb coil my twists, I watched for the 1st time and went home, washed my hair and recoiled them myself. People then stopped me on the streets asking where I went to have my hair done and as an adult that was the beginning of me doing hair on others without using extensions. Taught by my mom, I've been braiding since age 7.

    * I look forward to passing my hair artistry to your spiritual hands…. let's have a blast!!!

    * "Success is accomplished by exercising PRACTICE, and lots of it " …nedjetti

    in peace n luv…


    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have friends who want relaxers, perms, or coloring, I recommend

    Anointed Hands Salon
    (featured in Essence Nov 03 issue, pg 76)

    located @ 307 Hillside Ave, Hillside, NJ 07205
    Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9am-7pm and Saturday 7am-6pm.
    Call Erika at 973.923.3800 to make a hair appt.



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