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Content: Hair care advice, Product recommendations and Photo gallery. Interviews with some of the industries most renown Fashion and Hair Magazines.

Annual Hits : Since Jan 2004, Nedjetti's House Of Peace has received over 886,338 successful requests for pages and Avg successful request for pages PER DAY is 1,724.

*note* My website has been up since 2001, but I've changed servers, the numbers are much higher, but the numbers listed are accurate.


    Why the popularity of Hair by Nedjetti (NHOP) site ?

    Celebrity 'hair artist' Nedjetti's site is geared to the millions of women and men of all nationalities who are interested in fresh hairstyles and hair care maintenance and links. Accolades from the viewing audience has exclaim this site to be a rich source of desired hair care information.

    Such information would include hair care maintenance, a professional photo gallery and hair care advice and uplifting hair articles. Recommended Hair care products & literature are a constant feature on this site.

    Individuals also enjoy Nedjetti's exciting interviews from some of the industries prominent magazines, such as Upscale, Honey, Black Celebrity Styles, Salon Sense & Black Beauty n Hair UK to name a few. Nedjetti's hair care website is one of a kind, therefore people enjoy passing these unique website along to their friends.

Where to place your advertisement ? Most frequent visits are: Nedjetti's Home page, Visit to NHOP, Gallery, Hair care advice, Crown care tips, Links, FAQ and About Nedjetti (bio)

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  Nedjetti is one of the 40 women contributors of this 31 day journal.

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